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About us

We´ve been specialized in providing waxing and hair removal services for women for over 8 years. We regularly update our knowledge of industry spotlights participating in conferences and seminars.

In the profession of waxing the esthetician has a very close contact with the client and for this reason it is impossible to hide any superficial attitude and dislike for the job, therefore our estheticians love their job, perform their duties fast but with a lot of care and precision maintaining professionality and individual approach to every client.

Our goal is to prove we are the best in our field by maintaining the above mentioned standards.

We offer a wide variety of wax tailored for individual needs of every client.
The Products we use:



The most popular of all methods of waxing, it is effective, fast and applicable to all areas of the body. If it is your first couple of sessions we highly recommend using wax. Soft wax cartridges (used with paper strips) are used for waxing large areas like arms, legs, belly and back. Hot wax (or hard wax) is for removing hair from facial, bikini and underarm areas. In case the skin is problematic (allergic reactions, sensitive skin, hair is prone to grow back very fast or in - grow) we use alternative hair removal methods with honey or sugar paste.


Sugar paste

100% natural product. The sugar paste is used at body temperature and the hair gets removed in the direction of its natural growth therefore it is recommended even for highly sensitive skin. Sugar paste can be used for hair even only 3 – 4 mm long therefore it can be used while hair is still growing hence providing long lasting and more pleasant outcome. Sugar is one of the best natural preservatives therefore there is no possibility of infections.


Honey paste

100% natural honey – lemon paste. It is the most gentle of all hair removal methods. It has excellent antibacterial properties and the skin doesn´t get irritated. The hair doesn’t grow in and is much slower to grow back and if used regularly over a longer period of time there is a possibility of hair disappearing completely. This particular method is applied with elements of massage. It is not recommended for clients who are allergic to honey or lemon.

  • Facial area
    € 2.00 - 4.00 (5 - 15 min.)
  • Underarms
    € 5.00 - 7.00 (5 - 10 min.)
  • Arms: Half, including elbow
    € 6.00 (10 - 15 min.)
  • Arms: Full arms
    € 8.00 (15 - 20 min.)
  • Legs: Shins, including knee
    € 8.00 (10 - 20 min.)
  • Legs: Thighs, including knee
    € 10.00 (15 - 20 min.)
  • Legs: Full legs
    € 16.00 (20 - 40 min.)
  • Bikini
    € 12.00 (10 - 20 min.)
  • Brazilian
    € 17.00 - 18.00 (10 - 40 min.)
  • Bikini design
    € 3.00



Elina always manages to precision work and time planning. She has endless positive energy charge. Customers claim that her hands possess lightning speed.


Piece of news for the current clients of Ilze - there is an important reason why your favorite esthetician isn´t working that much lately – baby news! :)

FAQ & Recommendations

What should I take into account before the procedure?

The skin is cleansed and prepared for the particular method of hair removal and after the procedure attended on with professional skin care products.

To make you feel more comfortable and at ease we offer disposable panties and wet napkins.

In case of any health issues please consult with your doctor. Hair removal procedures are not recommended in case of malignant tumor, skin diseases, diabetes, blood circulation insufficiency, broken bones, strains or sprains. In case of any doubt please consult with your doctor. Hair removal procedures cannot be performed on the areas of skin with distinctive varicose veins, bruising, and swelling and if the hair is growing on a birthmark. Please advise us before the procedure if you have any of the before mentioned issues and also if you have had any previous allergic reactions to wax or skin care products.

• We recommend using peeling on the zones you´re willing to get waxed 2 – 3 days before the procedure to improve the efficiency of the hair removal procedure. It is best to wear loose cotton underwear to avoid irritating the skin after waxing.
• Tanning of any sort is not recommended at least one day before the procedure due to increased risk of skin irritation and waxing can also affect the tone of your tan. Do not use any body lotions or oils.

When is the best time for hair removal procedures?
It´s been observed that the hair tends to grow back slower if you wax in the two week span after full moon (lunar phase of crescent moon) For best results the hair needs to be at least 0,4 cm long

Waxing benefits:
As a result of waxing procedure the follicle of hair is weakened therefore making it more brittle and less apparent. The result lasts 4 weeks on average, depending from individual speed of hair growth. In between the procedures you shouldn´t shave because shaving promotes the hair to grow back stronger and there´s a tendency of ingrown hair.

How to deal with pain of waxing?
Mind that the first time of the procedure is the most painful one because the hair follicle is strong but just after a month the roots of hair will be weaker and the procedure less painful. Of course, if you shave or wax irregularly the procedure will be more painful due to stronger hair.
• A lot of women observe their menstrual cycle – it´s been noted that the procedure is less painful if done in the middle of cycle because at the beginning and end of the cycle your body is particularly sensitive.
• Some clients even take pain killers before the procedure. For some a shot of hard liqueur makes it easier to prepare for waxing, we do not recommend over doing it with alcohol because you might achieve contrary result – increase the senses.
• During the procedure – exhale in the moment of pulling the wax – hair will come out easier and pain and stress levels will be lower. Holding your breath will achieve the contrary.
• Before the procedure it is possible to use pain relief products on bikini zone and underarms.

After waxing it is not recommended to:

-visit sauna
-swim in a pool
-take a bath or hot shower
-tan in the sun or in the tanning booth
-actively irritate the skin by scrubbing it with shower sponge or wearing tight synthetic underwear
-go to the gym

In general all the aforementioned and other things causing perspiration should be avoided for 48 hours. In case the skin gets irritated with perspiration and breaks out in tiny red pimples, you need to sanitize the skin, best with skin care products not containing alcohol.

• Approximately 5 days after the procedure it is recommended to use peeling on the affected zones and also moisturize the skin regularly to avoid dry, itching feeling.

• If the hair is prone to in grow we recommend consulting your esthetician about proper products to use to avoid ingrown hair.